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Activities in Canada: Bicycles and Mountain biking

The Dutch popularity of riding a bike is starting to grow around Canada. In Québec you can find a network of routes combining around 4000 kilometers of bike routes named “Route Verte du Québec”. You will be able to find a detailed description of this tour in a guide.

However, Québec is not alone in this. In parts of British Columbia, Vancouver Island, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick there are some beautiful bike routes.

From my own experience, I loved the bike trail around Stanley Park in Vancouver. Next to the park you can rent a bike and start with a route that takes about an hour and a half, but make sure to pack lunch as you will be able to stop on one of the beaches of Stanley Park and enjoy the scenery. (M. van Dijk)

Mountain biking has become more and more popular. An Outdoor activity that fits well in this country well suited for outdoor sports. In many of the National parks and Touristic areas you can now rent a mountain bike. In the Parks there are special trails suitable for mountain biking.

If you have tips or suggestions about beautiful biking areas in Canada, let us know!


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