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About Make-A-Wish® Netherlands

Make-A-Wish Netherlands grants the favourite wish of children aged 3 to 18 with a life-threatening illness. The granting of a favourite wish has a magical effect on every child, but particularly on children with life-threatening illnesses. It gives these children, who too often are merely patients due to their illness, the strength to be a child. The realization of a dream can have a huge effect on their future.

Strong team behind every wish
The granting of a favourite wish is custom-made and requires a lot of dedication and creativity. Behind every wish is a strong organization that depends on volunteers, and that carefully accompanies and follows every step of the process. After all, children and young people in vulnerable situations are involved. One can only experience the granting of a favourite wish once. Therefore, everything has to be perfect.

Encourage inner strength
The goal of wish-granting is to encourage the inner strength of children. A personal strength which often is limited by the surroundings, due to the predomination of worries, fear and hospital treatments. The child’s fantasy determines the content of the wish, making each wish one-of-a-kind. The wish-granters also make sure that parents and siblings are involved in the wish-granting, making it a family experience.

It is therefore a custom-made wish, where the utmost attention is paid to every little detail. The result being an unforgettable experience for everybody involved. And the memory of the wish will linger on forever.

The more money, the more wishes are granted
Make-A-Wish Netherlands aims to grant wishes of all children and young people with a life-threatening illness. In addition to time and attention, money is needed to grant all those wishes. Make-A-Wish Netherlands not only takes care of the practical details concerning the wish, but also absorbs all the costs involved. Therefore, the more money is received, the more wishes can be granted annually. 

Since its foundation in 1989, over 4.000 severely ill children have already experienced their magical wish. Make-A-Wish Netherlands has been able to realize these wishes with the help of over 380 volunteers. Donations (both monetary and in kind) from and fundraising by companies, clubs, schools and associations, together with the structural support of donors and sponsors, are essential.

Make-A-Wish Netherlands does not receive governmental aid. For more information, please visit

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