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Russia vs. Canada - The Wicklow Pub + Ice Lounge

Janine Peeters, 24-02-2010

With a small group we went to The Wicklow Pub; this is the pub where I used to organize the monthly meetups for the Dutch Community when I lived in Vancouver. It was nice to see the owners again.

Anyways, we went to see the hockey game Russia vs. Canada. And the Russians were beaten al right! The end score was RUS 3 - CAN 7! Man what a great game. One of my friends said he'd have a beer for each goal Canada scores, but he could not keep up with team Canada either.

When the game was finished we went to the Ice Lounge. It was a bar made of....Ice! (the bar, the glasses, the tables and really beautiful ice sculptures). It was minus 5 degrees Celcius so we all got a warm coat and extra gloves. Of course the only drinks served were... Wodka drinks - cocktails - to stay warm.

We had a blast! See for yourself...


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