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Honoring Sven Kramer @ the Holland Heineken House

Janine Peeters, 13-02-2010

Go Sven Go! He did it and wow what a great race! Of course we had to see this for ourselves at the Holland Heineken House (HHH) so we took the Canada Line to Richmond Brighouse. 

On our way there were heard the HHH was shut down for all non-Dutch, so I did not have to worry at all as I AM Dutch and DO have a Dutch passport! Again, another reason for being proud to be Dutch.
You ain't much, if you ain't Dutch! 

It was pretty cool to just pass the line-up and enter the HHH. Once in, I was overwhelmed. The set up was amazing. People - Dutch - wearing orange and it was like we were one big happy family. You could sense they were building up the excitement as we were all waiting for Sven to show up.

The moment is there: Sven's here! The crowd is going crazy and I feel priviliged to be part of this celebration...and then the party really started with performances of Marco Borsato and the Coronas.
For me - personally - it was twice as exciting as when I was walking around at the HHH I even met some friends I hadn't seen since I left Vancouver. So, in 1 word: AWESOME! 

Have a look at the pics and maybe you'll feel a bit of what I felt...


View photoalbum: "2010-02-13: Vancouver Olympics" ›

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