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Little Dutch girl in the big Tdot pt.2

By Leonie Sta - It all started a couple of months ago, at one of Piper Hayes' shows, I believe it was at Dora Keogh's on Danforth Avenue in Toronto, ON. Me, a girl from The Netherlands, with experience as a music manager and a sense of adventure. And her, the talent that she is with the most beautiful stage presence. This kinda starts of like a love story, and in some way it is. I fell in love with this girl, a friend, and her music and I decided to try and share this with my home country.

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Little Dutch girl in the big Tdot pt. 1

By Leonie Sta - Just the beginning of my story.

I promised, I promised, so here we go.
Hi, my name is Leonie; I am a Canada2Leaf member from the Amsterdam crew (some of you might know me, I’m the one with the big mouth and the glass of white wine). About 4 months ago I moved my butt over to the other side of the ocean, to the amazing awesomeness of Toronto. So how did that go you might wonder, well that’s why I am writing this on Janine’s more

2012-07-11: Quality time with friends, some me time & last days...

By Janine Peeters - Taking it easy on my last few days in more

2012-07-09: Altar Boyz Vancouver & more catching up & Harley trip!

By Janine Peeters - These 2 upcoming days are quite exciting as well. Going to a theatre show and I get to be a Biker Babe!

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2012-07-07: Sunshine Coast

By Janine Peeters - Honestly I was planning to do nothing today! I am glad I changed my mind because I had a great time at the Sunshine Coast.

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