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Advertising on Canada2Leaf

The Canada2Leaf audience consists of well-educated professionals, from all countries with an interest or business in Canada and/or The Netherlands.

Some of the ways you can reach your target group include:
- posting a message on the Message Board: € 0,10 per word (minimum of 300 words) (excl logo, photo)
- posting job openings
- posting events to the calendar € 5,95 per event (excl text, logo, photo)
- advertorials: € 0,10 per word (minimum of 300 words) (excl logo, photo)

If you're interested in advertising, please contact us about the terms. First come first serve!

Logo’s & banners can be placed on our website for: 
- € 0,01 per pixel per 3 month period
- Banner Small: minimum of 150x75 pixels (See example II)
- Banner Long: minimum of 500x75 pixels (See example I)
* prices are excl VAT

Need more info? Let us know!



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